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Top1sexdoll is the world's largest and highest quality TPE copy doll manufacturer. Our goal is to help everyone buy affordable TPE dolls. If your budget is $499-$1500, you can buy most dolls at top1sexdoll, from 100-176cm dolls   About the TPE sex doll industry. There are three main sellers Selling original TPE doll Selling low-quality copy TPE doll and tell you they are original, ultra-low price! Selling highest quality copy TPE doll at a very reasonable price, like top1sexdoll    The 1st Selling original TPE doll at the TDF forum, the above-approved vendors and manufacturers, vendors and manufacturers are required to pay the TDF...

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TPE Doll Vs Silicone Doll One whiteboard animation video let you know what's the difference between TPE Doll and Silicone Doll Password:123456 Video content as below What are TPE and Silicone? TPE is a kind of Thermoplastic Elastomer, silicone is a kind of  Thermosetting Elastomer. What is Thermoplastic Elastomer and Thermosetting Elastomer! When TPE is heated, it will become soft and flow, cool and then harden. This process is reversible.   Silica gel is a thermosetting elastomer When it is heated for the first time, it will soften and flow. When it is heated to a certain temperature, it will produce a chemical reaction, it will solidify and...

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You see you can't get at some website. But you see you can get at! This is Tom experience on, his review: Why do we say? You see you get at Checking  Doll Shipped to customer Video

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7 Points To Know How To Choose Sex Doll? For video password, please subscribe us or share this post to any social media, email link to for password!  Choosing your top1 sex doll is very important. You don't want to buy an expensive sex doll and regret it one month later. In this article, we will discuss the many options for sex dolls on the market today. How do you choose the best sex doll for your needs?  We collected much info from our shipped customer, from pre-sales and after-sales, our sex doll industry experiences and so on. Following those 7 important...

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Why Choose Top1 Sex Doll?

Top1sexdoll is the world's largest and highest quality TPE copy doll manufacturer. Our goal is to help everyone buy affordable TPE dolls.
At top1sexdoll, you can absolutely avoid the same trap as the Canadian tom, you see in the screen, you can’t get same in reality!
At top1sexdoll, you see you get, no trap!
At top1sexdoll, we help you how to choose your first doll, to avoid mistake and lose money.
At top1sexdoll, we help you know the tpe doll and silicone doll difference!
At top1sexdoll, we help you know every doll body via video before you buy!

At top1sexdoll, 0 risk when you buy!

Knowing TPE sex doll industry and Top1sexdoll.

1080P Exclusive Sex Doll Videos

We have made each doll on our website 1080P Exclusive videos, image may tell a lie, but video cannot. Before you buy, you could know every doll detail from our 1080P Exclusive videos, not only cold static photos.

360° Inspect Review

Also, we will make reviews blog and videos for our doll on our website, you can get a full 360 inspect from our experience. It’s helpful for you to find your best doll.

Excellent Before/After Sale Service

All tpe sex dolls are only produced when you place an order. That is to make sure you are receiving a full new doll that is custom made for you. If it's flawed or not working correctly, we will product a new doll again. None of other sellers is providing this service! We show you the doll before we ship you. If the doll is broken or damaged after the long journey. If it's a small cut, for instance, We will send the necessary kit so that you can fix it. We care about you and our dolls! Most other sellers clearly state that they do not provide after sale service and claim it’s purely bad luck.

Free shipping most world countries, our professional customer support team will answer your questions within 24 hours before and after you finished your sex doll order. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.