How To Choose Sex Doll

How To Choose Sex Doll

7 Points To Know How To Choose Sex Doll?

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too many sex doll option

Choosing your top1 sex doll is very important. You don't want to buy an expensive sex doll and regret it one month later. In this article, we will discuss the many options for sex dolls on the market today. How do you choose the best sex doll for your needs? 

We collected much info from our shipped customer, from pre-sales and after-sales, our sex doll industry experiences and so on. Following those 7 important points will help you save time and money. 

One infographic help you know how to choose sex doll quickly! 


7 points you must consider when you choose sex doll

Also, you could watch our 3 mins brief funny video! 

1. Dolls' weight

You should consider it firstly. Why? Over 23kg sex dolls are heavy and not easy to

move. Because sex doll's center of gravity is uneven.

You will feel particularly heavy when you hold it, just like a drunk person. Someone will throw away sex doll for weight.
Because it's hard to move and hold. There is someone said who would need to go to a gym she is your workout!
throw away sex doll

Imaging you spent the most time in how to move sex doll and make poses, you are sweating and exhausted

Exhausted Person Sweating
Do you still have any passion for sex? 

"2 –  Looking for the hottest sex doll is not the only criteria that you should follow when you want to choose a doll. Don’t forget that these things an iron frame: They are heavy! Keep in mind your own body weight and body strength when you choose a silicone/TPE sex doll.

I was first looking to buy a tall sex doll (5’6 – 172cm) with big boobs. I regretted as soon as I unpacked the doll. Her 85 pounds were enough to hurt my back and soften my hardest desires."

Quote from

"Yes, the weight is a major issue that should not be overlooked.

I bought a 41kg doll and I can say not only moving her is a major hassle, it's also unsafe for your back. Be very careful with your back when trying to lift a heavy doll."


Usually, according to dolls weight, we divide 4 range
1. 13-23kg At this weight range, sex doll is easy to move and pose, this is most doll lover first choice,
you can spend the least money to know sex doll quickly. 

2. 24-34kg Any normal strength man can move this weight. When you know how the joints work,
it will be very easy for you to position this size doll. Simply follow the joint patterns
and the body will flow like a real human. 
24-34kg doll
Video from SY Sex Doll Skeleton Movement Range

3. 35-48kg At this weight range, you will need just a little bit of extra strength. Recommended only for those
who can handle this strong sturdy weight. If you regularly work out and go to the gym, this weight range will be no problem. 
38-48kg doll

4. 52-70kg This is the heaviest size sex doll. This version is perfect for doll collectors, weightlifting champions,
and Hercules. If you have the strength to handle her, she will provide you will ultimate pleasure. Don't be afraid. Give her a try!
52-70kg doll

2. Your budget

There is 2 material doll on market, your budget range can help you choose silicone or TPE doll quickly.

Silicone doll    

  • Most realistic, light weight
  • Expensive from $4,500-$10,000

TPE doll

  • Affordable from $699-$2200
  • Not real than silicone doll, heavy than silicone doll, compare same height and figure


3. What kind of doll?

Mini sex doll

mini sex doll

100-125cm dolls are lightweight, take the doll with you anywhere you want a special taste for short dolls.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Many options available, for example
big boobs sex doll
Most big boobs, huge ass, huge boobs, small boobs sex dolls you can find in realistic sex dolls range.

Customized Sex Dolls


  • You can choose your dream head style, breast size, ass shape, height and so on, someone chooses her wife young and beautiful face.
  • create a woman of your dreams

  • Most expensive, it cost 3 months at least, you should do at least
  • Choose a sex doll body.    
  • Select a sex doll head.   
  • Select fixed or removable vagina.  some regular option also need to choose

4. TPE material

Regular TPE

  • when you clean doll, you need to powder your doll to keep skin smooth

No oil TPE

  • when clean your doll, no need to powder your doll, save time
  • Skin is still smooth, this is a charge option at $100

I've found from SY doll blog, you could know more details from no powdering doll
Video comparison


5. Important options


Common shoulder, can't do many poses like a man. The common shoulder on sex dolls
doesn’t have the functionality to shrug. These shoulders are stationary and don’t provide the range of motion that you might want.

Shrug shoulder can do many poses like man shoulder, this is a charge option at $100. 
The Shrug shoulder will be able to provide you with all the positions that you desire. 
The added flexibility from the increased range of motion will give you added versatility and dynamics.
shrug Shoulder sex doll


Solid, when your doll is equipped with solid breast, they will feel very good in your hand. The touch will feel similar to a real woman's breast. However, when the doll is lying in bed, they will visually resemble breast implants. 

Solid breast sex doll softness video from SY Doll

The hollow breast option will visually give your doll the look of a real woman. When lying in bed, the hollow breast will have the famous breast waggle look. However, when you hold the hollow breast in your hand, they will not feel as real as the solid breast.

Hollow breast sex doll fucked in bed


Fixed, like real women vagina, after each use it is recommended that you clean your doll and keep it dry.

If you fail to keep your doll clean and dry, you will start to see black mold develop on your doll. Silimar as below photo.

Removable, Compared to the fixed vagina, the removable vagina will provide you with a lower risk of developing black mold on your doll.
This will help preserve your doll for a longer lifespan. But it looks not like real women.



The regular foot design is perfect for those with a foot fetish. When you have the regular foot doll,
your doll won't be able to stand for a long time.
You will have to lean your doll against the wall for the most part in a short time. 

If you keep your doll standing for a long time without solid support, you will start to see it break over doll feet broken

Standing, there are three bolts on the underfoot that will help the doll stand like a human, the standing foot design was built to allow your doll to stand on its own. This will allow you to engage in more positions. Charge option $75

On the standing foot, no need to lean the doll against the wall, or help support it. With the bolts on the bottom of the foot,

it will stand strong on its own.

standing feet sex doll

6. Regular options 

You could choose your doll for those regular options

  •     skin color
  •     wig style
  •     lip color
  •     fingernail color
  •     toenail color
  •     eyes color
  •     makeup style

sex doll regular options

7. Doll Smell, last but not least!

From the above 6 points, you find your dream doll, but you will ignore the doll smell problem, this is a key point, but most sex doll manufacturer or vendor don't want let you know, they just want to sell you doll and sale is final.

Why smell is important for you? Imagine that you have a best friend. Your best friend is nice, kind, thoughtful, and an overall good person. However, there is one problem. Your best friend doesn't have great personal hygiene. How would it make you feel to be around your best friend? 

Sex doll has this problem too, TPE is mixed buy different materials, there is less or more smell on sex doll body, everyone has different olfactory sensitivity, someone can accept the smell, someone thinks the doll smell is just killing her.


Someone also throws away a sex doll for doll strong irritating smell.

The best and lowest cost way is to ask sex doll vendor to choose a piece of TPE sample.


So you will know the TPE smell and know can you accept or not, also you can touch and fell the skin softness.

Leaving your comments, let 's talk more and collect more info for this topic.


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