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Global Free Shipping Sex Doll 

    Some countries, like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America,import duties may be imposed on delivery. It’s beyond our ability, some countries must charge, usually range from $200 to $500, depend on the doll. All buyers are responsible for all import taxes and fees.

    For Europe, we offer prepaid VAT and import tax services, so you don't have to deal with customs. If you are interested, please ask after placing an order. we can provide help and advise on customs. Some countries such as UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, or Australia usually require a payment certificate or invoice. You can provide a confirmation email or PayPal invoice or contact us and we will assist you.

    We can ship to the FedEx store for pick-up, not to your home. Please let us know when place your order and we will change the shipping address.

    We can’t ship to Islamic countries for religion policy.


    Order Confirmation:

    After you’ve placed your order, you’ll get order confirmation email. This means that we’ve received your order in the system. We will manually check each doll order to confirm we don't miss any customization options, and make sure your love dolls will meet your needs. You must reply to confirm that everything is correct and that you have not typed the wrong details.

    Once confirmed, we will begin to establish or contact the manufacturer to confirm that the product is available and your doll will begin the manufacturing process.Once the order details have been confirmed, the order cannot be cancelled for any reason.

    If you’d like to change some of the details or customization options in the sex doll order, please reply to the confirmation email As Soon As Possible and we will respond to you within 12 hours and update the order. 

    If necessary, we can send a photo of the product before the manufacturer ships it, and will not accept cancellations, requests or complaintsonce the photo has been confirmed by the buyer and has been requested for shipment.


    Order delivery:

      If you choose a custom-made doll, the production time is 5 to 20 work days before the manufacturer ships  usually a 1-2 weeks transit.  The total production and shipping time of your dream girl to be approximately 2-5 weeks (the actual time may vary depending on the delivery location).  Since this is a custom product created for you, once your custom doll production begins, your order may not be cancelled for any reason. 

      Due to holidays, celebrations or inevitable situations, there may be delays in the manufacture or transportation of the doll.

      Transport is cautious and requires signature when delivered.

      We will send you s tracking number and please feel free to contact us us


      We Respect Your Privacy

      Your privacy is most important. All packaging is delivered in a prudent package; in addition, customer details are also in our Privacy Policy. 

      There are no specific instructions or labels on the carton to display the internal content.

      Your doll will be marked as a “mannequin” (for customs clearance).

      Please note that customs agents can open your doll box for inspections and determine import taxes for customers outside the United States.

      If you don't want to receive your doll at home, we can send it to the FedEx store (US order), and you can take it there when you need it. Photo ID and signature are required for delivery.

      Review our Privacy Policy


      Cancellation & Refund:

      Custom dolls can’t be cancelled for any reason, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If your order has been shipped, you will also be responsible for the actual return shipping cost (if the return is accepted for special reasons).

      Products sold through the website are produced by each seller on an order basis. Therefore, the following applies to refunds and returns for any product purchased by the buyer:


        1. The buyer may may be cancel the product order ("12-hour cancellation period") within twelve-four (12) hours from the date of purchase to refund the funds paid to the buyer's original payment method (depending on the processing and trading conditions). Top1sexdoll must receive a cancellation request within the 12-hour cancellation period - no exceptions; the following terms apply after the 12-hour cancellation period:
          1. The doll is a customized product designed for buyers. After the 12 hours, the order will be processed and cannot be cancelled for any reason.
          2. Top1SexDoll will confirm the order details with the buyer via email, If the buyer confirms that the order details are correct, starting from that moment the order cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason. If the buyer wants to modify, edit or upgrade the order, he must contact US as soon as possible to request a change and see if the change can be made.
          3. If for special reasons, the seller accepts the cancellation after the 12-hours Cancellation Period. Cancellation will be subject to a Seller’s restocking fee (“ Restocking Fee”) of twenty percent (20.0%) from the value of the Product order. Top1SexDoll will provide the buyer with a refund of the funds paid, minus the restocking fee to the buyer's original payment method, and may charge other fees, such as processing and transaction fees.


      iii. When dolls are shipped to the buyer, All Sales Are Final, and cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason.

      Read more about Terms of Service and Conditions


      Warranty & Damages:

      Due to the nature of sex dollwe are unable to provide replacement or refundsdue to a variety of issues such as hygiene.  Please understand that this is the usual practice in whole sex doll industry.

      If your product or any part is is damaged during shippingand the package is significantly damaged, you should file a complaint with the shipping carrier as this may have occurred during shipment. After that, please report it to us so that we can also upgrade carton quality. Because most sex dolls are too heavy, cardboard boxes and even flight boxes may be scratched or damaged during transportation. If you see an obvious problem on the box, please report it to the shipping company.

      If there are any issues with the product, please send doll photos to and we will evaluate the issue to provide  a solution, depend on the nature of the event.. 

      If the problem is caused by us or our manufacturer, we will be responsible for the processing.

      We’re confident that all our sex dolls are of high quality. Manufacturing partners are carefully screened to confirm they meet the high standards we expect. If you have any complaints or complaints, please contact us so that we can do our best to provide suggestions or tips that may solve the problem. We do appreciate any feedback and it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid repeating these problems in next.



      We do utmost to build the best customer experience and provide real-time and fast support through our website. To help our customers achieve their dreams is our final goal, so please feel free to ask any questions during your shopping experience or while waiting for your dream doll to arrive at your home.

      Contact us at:

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      Free shipping most world countries, our professional customer support team will answer your questions within 24 hours before and after you finished your sex doll order. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.