Real Sex Dolls Shipped to Customer

Real Love Dolls Built and Shipped to our Customers. Sex Dolls Pics with No Photoshop or Edits

These are real love dolls customized by our customers and shipped to them,  the style and customization options might differ from the doll advertised as we allow you to build your own personalized sex doll. These are photos of the dolls at the factory taken with a cellphone camera right before shipping to our customers


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118cm big breast sex doll

128cm flat chest sex doll 140cm big breast sex doll

145cm small breast sex doll

140cm small breast sex doll

140cm small sex doll

 148cm small sex doll

152 fat ass sex doll

157 small breast sex doll

157 biggest ass sex doll

158cm big breast sex doll

158cm big boobs sex doll

158cm small sex doll

163 big boobs huge ass sex doll

165cm small breast sex doll

165cm big breast sex doll

165cm small boobs sex doll
165cm small chest sex doll
165cm closed eye sex doll
165cm small boobs sex doll
168cm small boobs sex doll
172cm huge boobs sex doll
172cm huge boobs sex doll

Why Choose Top1 Sex Doll?

Top1sexdoll is the world's largest and highest quality TPE copy doll manufacturer. Our goal is to help everyone buy affordable TPE dolls.
At top1sexdoll, you can absolutely avoid the same trap as the Canadian tom, you see in the screen, you can’t get same in reality!
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At top1sexdoll, we help you how to choose your first doll, to avoid mistake and lose money.
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At top1sexdoll, we help you know every doll body via video before you buy!

At top1sexdoll, 0 risk when you buy!

Knowing TPE sex doll industry and Top1sexdoll.

1080P Exclusive Sex Doll Videos

We have made each doll on our website 1080P Exclusive videos, image may tell a lie, but video cannot. Before you buy, you could know every doll detail from our 1080P Exclusive videos, not only cold static photos.

360° Inspect Review

Also, we will make reviews blog and videos for our doll on our website, you can get a full 360 inspect from our experience. It’s helpful for you to find your best doll.

Excellent Before/After Sale Service

All tpe sex dolls are only produced when you place an order. That is to make sure you are receiving a full new doll that is custom made for you. If it's flawed or not working correctly, we will product a new doll again. None of other sellers is providing this service! We show you the doll before we ship you. If the doll is broken or damaged after the long journey. If it's a small cut, for instance, We will send the necessary kit so that you can fix it. We care about you and our dolls! Most other sellers clearly state that they do not provide after sale service and claim it’s purely bad luck.

Free shipping most world countries, our professional customer support team will answer your questions within 24 hours before and after you finished your sex doll order. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.